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Another weekend, another baby project for us. For this weekend, we painted the main color for the baby room.

We had family come up and assist with the project and as a ‘reward' we provided the food – seafood paella and apple pie for dessert.

Now that the big painting has been done, our artsy and crafty friend is going to help us with getting the border up for the room.

Over the next few weeks, we'll pick up, assemble, and arrange the baby's room.

No rush – we figure a project a week is a good pace for us to keep up with.

What's Couple Money About?

I got an email this week from David, a blogger at, who does infographics of different sites logos and names with the topics they cover.

I thought it was pretty interesting and I wanted to include it here for your review.

How accurate do you think it is?

couple Money topics

Money Deals and News of the Week

If you’re looking for some deals and giveaways, here’s what I found:

Julia Scott from Bargain Babe has made a name for herself by helping other people save money.

Her popular blog is chock-full of coupons, deals and practical advice.

Ever wonder:

Will the show “Extreme Couponing” make us never want to clip a coupon again?

Julia will tackle these topics and take your questions in an upcoming frugal chat!

Personal Finance Posts to Catch Up On

If you have some free time this weekend and want some tips for your finances, be sure to read some of these wonderful posts.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

I also recommend checking out my blogroll to pick up some great personal finance blogs to follow.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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  1. We’re going with a nice bright yellow and Mrs. SPF wants to get some sort of “stickers” of animals or something of the sort. I haven’t quite figured out what she’s planning but i’m sure when I see the product it will make more sense.

    • It sounds like you guys are going to have a bright cheery room. I’m sure you two will have some fun getting the room ready. We’re excited about getting it done 🙂

  2. I really like the paint colour that you chose. Thanks for the mention, and have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Echo! We originally were going to go with another color, but when we did the samples on the wall, the soft peach won.

  3. I’m wondering if you used Low VOC paint in the baby room? We are going to be ripping down wallpaper (at landlord’s expense) and painting the room a pale yellow for the baby. I read somewhere that the pain smell can be pretty nasty and they recommend Low VOC paint.

    • Yes, we did get the paint with low VOC. My family came to visit and help out. my husband was a trooper – I took several breaks while he continued painting.
      We had plenty of fans going to minimize any fumes – we didn’t really smell them. The painting went fairly quickly.

      • Awesome to know. We will be using the Low VOC when we paint and keeping windows open, fans going. I love the color of the room also. 🙂