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We're having a laid back weekend filled with family as both of our mothers will be in town to visit. It's always nice to hang with family and with the baby's arrival only two months away I'm noticing more and more visits from our parents 🙂

We're also going to take advantage of a sale and grabbing a crib for the nursery. We also have to finish up with painting the first floor as we have the nail pops fixed. Otherwise, though, we're going to just relax and enjoy the good weather.

Deals and News of the Week

Personal Finance Posts to Catch Up On

I haven't included some personal finance carnivals in a while, so I wanted to share 3 of them this weekend.

If you have some free time this weekend and want some tips and information for your finances, be sure to read some of these wonderful posts.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. I also recommend checking out my blogroll to pick up some great personal finance blogs to follow.

Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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  1. I wouldn’t say a wonderful weekend. I am taking a short break from cleaning my room and then getting into the closet. A necessary evil to be sure but worth it in the end. Maybe later tonight when I have a few minutes to relax I will be able to check out these carnivals.

    • Hope your organizational project goes well. we’ll have to tackle that next as we’re rearranging furniture.

  2. Thanks for the mention Elle, enjoy your weekend! We just celebrated my daughter’s 2nd birthday…exhausting 😉

  3. My crib looks exactly the same – I would be careful with the mobile. Ours scratched the hell out of the crib…we now put a little baby blanket/towel underneath it

    • Thanks Evan for the mobile tip – I would’ve never thought of that!