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As I'm going through our finances for this week's net worth update, I wanted to share a few highlights I discovered with Mint.

The numbers will be shifting quite a bit with the net worth reviews – we bought a car, we paid our taxes, and we went over budget with fast food.

It was fun thought and I expect it to more mellow next month.

Cars are Expensive!

Besides seeing a big chunk of our money gone to buy the car ($10k), we had over $300 to pay the DMV to get all everything squared away in the lovely state of North Carolina. While we had a general idea of how much it would be, it's still hurts to see the checking and savings accounts so low.

Taxes, Taxes…

Estimated taxes were due earlier this month. The bright side is that work is going well. I've been busy over the last few months and now that the big part tax season is over, it'll wind down just a bit.

I'll be focusing my attention on a couple of projects that I started last fall, but had to put on the back burner to keep up with clients' work.

Fast Food Frenzy

Between the trips and going out to hunt for cars after work, we had been eating out quite a bit more than normal at the beginning of this month. thankfully after buying the car and getting the CSA deliveries started, we have cut back considerably.

Thoughts on Reviewing Finances

It's fun to reflect on the past month, not just money, but also with family events. Next month, we'll be working hard to cut back on some of our expenses (plus we'll have the fuel challenge up tomorrow- please join!).

I'd love to hear from you about April's events.How did last month go for you? anything memorable happen in April for you and your family?

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  1. Cars are really expensive, but they are fun sometimes too, or rather can get you to places where you can have fun. my fiancee and I closed on our first house this april, which was exciting but was a lot of work and will be even more in the future.

  2. We went over budget, but I had my baby shower, which ended up being expensive even though my mother and sister actually threw the party. We had dinners out with out-of-town guests, last-minute party supplies to pick up, sprucing up the house. Also, my grandmother had surgery, and we got her a nice gift. Even with the budget blown, though, we receied some wonderful gifts and actually came out ahead when you account for those (I love my family!).

  3. We bought our car about three months ago. And so at this time I’m over with how much we have spent buying the car. Our concern now is the fact that fuel is getting more expensive…

    Last month, we visited the grandparents of my husband. It was about 10-hour land trip going to their place. It was a bit exhausting physically, as well as financially. But I still believe that family and harmonious relationships are the best investments in the world.