10 Budget Busters You Need to Review

Trying to pay your debts off faster? Here are 10 potentional budget busters you need to review ASAP! Once you got your budgeting process down pat there’s not much to it, right? Don’t rest yet, there’s more work to be done. You need to review those regular expenses. Bills tend to creep up over time […]

Marriage & Money: How to Talk and Work on Your Finances Together

Trying to pay down debt, but having a hard time talking about money? these tips helped us to get on the same page and win with our money goals! One of the biggest¬†reasons marriages break down is money problems. Remember your marriage is much more important than money. You can improve your marriage and finances […]

Tracking Your Spending Quickly and Easily

When you hear or read the word budget, what’s the first thing you think of? Do you see an endless spreadsheet tediously tracking every penny? Do you see something to fight over? You’re not alone. Too many times, budgets are constraints that tell us what we can’t have instead of being a handy way for […]

Married to a Doctor: Real-Life Finances of Being a Physician

While it may seem doctors have it easy as high earners, the reality is many are also dealing with massive amounts of debt. Learn how to make the most of your money now and for the future!¬† Financial Residency with Allison and Curtis A few years ago when we were like trying to dig out […]

How to Create a Budget That You’ll Both Love

Want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, but not sure where to start? Learn how to create a budget together so you can have fun now and some savings later! Create a Budget Together How do you feel about your budget? Be honest. Chances are you’re not exactly thrilled about it. A survey conducted by […]

Tips on Paying Down Student Loan Debt

Debt is not something that you want to have looming over your head, especially if you want to eventually purchase a car or have a mortgage. Trust me. I learned early on that the debt I incurred in my life was NOT going to simply disappear and if I tried to make that happen in […]

How to Budget on a Teacher’s Salary

Teaching is a noble profession. Besides my mom, I have several relatives working education, ready and willing to help their student succeed. As necessary and crucial as they are, sometimes teacher salaries are limited. It took some sacrifices but my mom was able to raise three kids with her income. Living on a Teacher’s Salary If you […]

5 Financial Tips For Military Couples

The military’s a special way of life. There are unique circumstances that the civilian world doesn’t deal with, like deploying and temporary duty. Sometimes those situations can make it difficult to keep your financial life on track. But, there are some perks to serving in the military that can help get you to where you […]