How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

I know that many couples are looking for ways to keep their insurance premiums down without sacrificing good coverage. When I was flipping through Kiplinger’s latest issue to look for articles that may be of interest to Couple Money readers, I read an article that address 5 factors that insurance companies consider when calculating rates. There was plenty […]

Preparing for an Emergency

Superstorm Sandy has certainly caused havoc. We have heard from most of our loved ones living in the area hit, but power is still out in many places and I believe that it will be a few more days before I hear from some family members. Living more inland in North Carolina,  we have fortunately escaped the […]

Made an Appointment for Updating Our Wills

I mentioned last weekend that I enjoyed reading other personal finance blogs. Besides picking up new tips and getting a sneak peek on how others handle their money, it can also be motivating. This week reading a post about Emily’s goals on My Journey to Millions. 2012 Financial Goals and Progress Earlier this year I […]

Life Insurance for Stay at Home Parents

Earlier this year, I increased my life insurance coverage now that we became parents. I feel better having that safety net for my family. It took some time to get a number that we both felt comfortable with and finding a policy premium that went well with our budget. Getting the right life insurance coverage is personal […]

Long Term Care – Should You Plan Now?

As we look ahead for long term goals, every once in awhile I think about possible hiccups and problems we may encounter. I’ve been reading about baby boomers getting care and support from their children, which can be difficult as they handle their own immediate family’s needs. As parents we don’t want to put our […]

Increasing Life Insurance – Figuring How Much

Last week we met with our insurance guy to see about getting quotes on life insurance policies. We already have term life insurance to cover the mortgage and a bit extra should either one of us die. Now that we’re parents we’re looking at increasing our coverage to cover some additional expenses. We can’t increase […]

Choosing Legal Guardians for Our Baby

One of our big goals this year is getting our finances and other important items taken care of should something unforeseen happens to us. For us, that means updating our wills, getting our life insurance policy adjusted, and choosing legal guardians for our baby girl. I will say that coming up with possible candidates and then […]