Finding an Investment Strategy That Works for Us

Every so often it pays to go ahead and review your portfolio. With 2014 over, I spent this week checking up on things to make sure we’re staying on course with our investments. Since I’m looking at our accounts, I thought it might be helpful to explain our process and strategy. Index or Actively Managed […]

Breaking Down the Walls

One of my goals for Couple Money is to highlight personal finance sites, book, and people that I think can help you with your finances. I mentioned earlier this week that I enjoyed reading Norma Yaeger’s book, Breaking Down Walls. Her memoir was a mix of the personal with her story about building a successful career in […]

3 Investing Lessons from Breaking Down Walls

While I enjoy brushing up on finances with a good book even now again, I also love reading beyond the numbers. I finished reading Breaking Down the Walls and it is one of those books that make investing fascinating and part of it is the perfect mix of memoir, money, and history. It’s a new […]

4 Investing Tips for Newlyweds

June is the most popular month of the year to get married. If you’re planning on tying the knot this month or recently did, the first thing on your list – after paying off debt for wedding costs – should be devising a mutual investing strategy. If you openly discuss the topic of finances with […]

Want to Give a Great Gift? Think Better(ment)

Like many couples, we are blessed with great family and friends. Having them has made our lives better and we love celebrating big events like wedding and baby showers with them. When deciding what to give we tend to agonize over what would be the most helpful for our loved ones. One option that we like is […]

Facebook IPO: Are You Getting In?

Happy Friday! As you’ve probably heard, Facebook will begin trading on Nasdaq this morning. From all the media coverage, it certainly looks like it’ll be a big splash today with Facebook offering to 421 million shares. It looks like many ‘regular’ investors are looking to jump in and invest. That might not be a good idea, […]

Betterment Just Got Better

Today is a beautiful day; not only has the weather been quite mild here and will continue for the rest of the week, but today Betterment announces a couple of big changes. Both of them are huge pluses for investors. Before I get into the details of their new IRA offerings and the lower fees, […]