Facebook IPO: Are You Getting In?

Happy Friday! As you’ve probably heard, Facebook will begin trading on Nasdaq this morning. From all the media coverage, it certainly looks like it’ll be a big splash today with Facebook […]

Betterment Just Got Better

Today is a beautiful day; not only has the weather been quite mild here and will continue for the rest of the week, but today Betterment announces a couple of […]

Building Your Perfect Investment

Yesterday afternoon Betterment‘s CEO Jon Stein hosted a free webinar with Carl Richards from Behavioral Gap on 5 steps to overcoming bad behavior and realizing your goals in 2012. I joined in […]

Betterment Review

I’ve been looking at different investment options for ourselves and Couple Money readers. After hearing some great things about Betterment, I decided to check them out and do a review.  […]

Asset Allocation – Deciding for My IRA

As I’ve noted with our latest net worth update, my husband has his 401(k)contributions automatically deposited to receive his company’s match and I have a Roth IRA that I’m contributing towards. The year […]