Building Your Perfect Investment

Yesterday afternoon Betterment‘s CEO Jon Stein hosted a free webinar with Carl Richards from Behavioral Gap on 5 steps to overcoming bad behavior and realizing your goals in 2012. I joined in and took notes of the webinar. It had some helpful information that I wanted to pass on here. Understanding Behavior Gaps with Carl Richards In […]

Betterment Review

I’ve been looking at different investment options for ourselves and Couple Money readers. After hearing some great things about Betterment, I decided to check them out and do a review.  While getting this review up, I had the pleasure of talking with Betterment VP Alan Cohen on the phone to get some questions answered and […]

How to Start Investing (with $1,000 or Less)

Retirement planning is usually not a priority many young couples. As you’re both becoming established in your careers you have several monthly bills that you have to tend to. They usually include: Rent/Mortgage Monthly bills (utilities, insurance, etc.) Car payments Student loans For some couples, there isn’t any money left once they’ve taken care of […]

Asset Allocation – Deciding for My IRA

As I’ve noted with our latest net worth update, my husband has his 401(k)contributions automatically deposited to receive his company’s match and I have a Roth IRA that I’m contributing towards. The year is winding down and we’re checking our finances to make sure we’re sticking with our goals. I’ve been working on and adjusting my IRA’s asset […]

What Have You Heard About Forex Investing?

Forex Investing – Popular on the Web Yesterday I ran a guest post about forex trading as an option for your investment portfolio. I think a follow up on the topic is due. I was intrigued about the idea and decided to look into it a bit. If you’ve been online reading through personal finance […]

Is Now the Time to Buy in BP?

Yesterday BP saw it’s stock close at $29.20 per share.  BP’s stock has been lower as the oil spill/leak/disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues.  Clean up for the Gulf spill is around $1.43 billion and will continue until BP stops the leak. Oil analyst Matt Simmons made a comment in an interview with Fortune magazine that has […]

What are Some Mutual Fund Expenses?

After watching a segment from Jay Leno, it occurs to me that personal finances is something that we shouldn’t take for granted. Mutual Fund Expense Questions Investing is a wonderful way to grow your money, but the financial terminology associated with it can scare some people. What is a mutual fund? I searched online to […]