Money Questions

How to Reset Your Money with a Financial Spring Cleaning

Need to reset your money? Learn how to do some spring cleaning with your finances to start building momentum with your biggest goals! When You Hit Hurdles with Your Financial Goals For some reason, I like to use April is a sort of reminder to review our financial progress. Maybe because of the deadline for […]

10 Ways to Simplify Your Finances to Save a Ton of Time and Money

Want to save more and pay down your debt faster, but feel overwhelmed? Here are 10 ways you can simplify your finances so you have more time to enjoy while still staying on top of your money! How to Simplify Your Finances Last week Mark and Lauren Gruetman shared how they had worked together cut […]

Busting Money Myths and Building Smarter Money Habits with Anthony O’Neal

Can you have nice things when you’re paying off debt? What millionaire habits can you pick up today? Can you be generous and rich? Personal finance author and millennial money expert Anthony O’Neal shares his tips and thoughts! Mastering Your Money Habits Many times we mismanage our money because we’ve developed ideas and habits that […]

Marriage and Money Mailbag: Extra Income, Your Retirement Number, and More

 Today we’re answering your marriage and money questions – how to earn extra money on the side, figuring out your retirement number, and how to make the most of year-end bonus! Marriage and Money Mailbag: Extra Income, Your Retirement Number, and More Welcome to another community mailbag episode where we tackle your biggest marriage and money questions! […]

Identity Theft: What to Do If Your Wallet or Purse was Stolen

Protect yourself from identity theft and minimize damage with this handy guide on what to do when your wallet or purse is stolen!  My Wallet was Stolen, Now What? Have you ever had your wallet stolen? I did the summer while I was out of town and it was a series of headaches. If you’re […]

What to Do If You’re Struggling to Pay Your Bills

Do you feel like all of your paycheck plus some is going towards your bills and making no headway on your goals? Today we’ll cover 5 ways you can get caught up and begin getting out from under your debts! Struggling to Make Ends Meet? I’ve been getting your emails and I want to say thank […]