Smart Retirement Moves for 20Somethings

Retirement planning is usually not on the minds of most twenty-somethings. There is just so much on your plate: family, bills to pay, including student and car loans. You’re trying to build an emergency fund and possibly saving up for a house. Retirement is so far away in your timeline, it’s tempting to put it off or […]

Do You Need to Be a Millionaire to Retire Comfortably?

I had a lot of fun yesterday being on the panel for the #retireeNextDoor Tweetcast. Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents and Money Tips did a fantastic job hosting it and some wonderful advice was shared. Like I mentioned the other week, we tend to put off preparing for retirement for a few reasons. I think […]

Best Retirement Tools for Couples

Retirement can seem intimidating to some couples as the choices seem vast. Today I want to review some retirement tools you can use to build your portfolio and I’ll interview Doug Nord, a successful retiree, on how he create a plan that worked for him. This post is designed to get you off just planning […]

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

I’ve written how I had gotten a ballpark figure before, using financial calculators and basing assumptions on averages and historical data. I still believe it’s better to have some goal for how much to save than to just go without a plan. However, if you can get smarter with your target number, than go for […]

Playing Catch-Up on Retirement Savings

One of my favorite things about being a personal finance blogger is getting to discover and read some great books. This week I want to share some wonderful stories and experiences I read from Clark Howard’s new book, Living Large for the Long Haul. In it he shares the stories of over 50 different people […]

Rolling Over My Retirement Accounts Into Vanguard

Whether you two are new to investing or you’re looking to optimize your current investment plans, I hope this week’s articles help both of you build your family’s net worth.  Like I mentioned Monday, we’re getting our retirement system optimized and that included opening a retirement account in 20 minutes with Betterment. It was easy to […]

How to Set Up Your Retirement Accounts in About 20 Minutes

Setting up your retirement accounts doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how you can quickly open up an IRA in about 20 minutes! Retirement can seem intimidating to some as they are planning their investments. With so many options out there with different brokerages and different investment vehicles, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. […]