Pay off Debts or Build an Emergency Fund First?

Two common goals for couples are paying off their debts and having a financial cushion. Sometimes, though, it can be frustrating because you don’t know which do first. You may want to have some savings stashed away for emergencies while your spouse wants to tackle your debts. How do you find a system that works for […]

3 Key Ways Families Can Save More Money

Does your family budget feel tight? Learn three key ways on how you can save hundreds of dollars each month raising your kids and still having fun! Financial Freedom Through Saving More I know that financial independence is a buzzword in the personal finance sphere. You got stories where people are saving 60, 70% of […]

Creating a Savings Plan That You Both Love

Feeling frustrated you’re not saving enough? Get the tools and tips on how you two can work together and create a savings plan that you both love! No doubt you’ve heard others say how important it is to have a rainy day fund. No matter how well prepared you are, unexpected expenses can come up. […]

How to Save $1,000 on Your Bills

With some families seeing their bills grow faster than their income, finding ways to build the difference between the two has become a priority for them. I’ve written quite a few times about how we’ve worked to optimize our budget and how we trimmed expenses to help build our savings and invest more. The $1,000 Challenge […]

The Smart Way to Build Your Emergency Fund

Most people know having some savings is a smart money move, but don’t have enough stashed away. Learn the smart way to build and grow your emergency fund! How to Build and Grow Your Emergency Fund Having a financial cushion is a goal of many families as they are building their finances. Emergency funds are essential […]

How to Save for Your Biggest Dreams Together

Do you two have several dreams you want to achieve, but can’t agree on which ones to tackle first? Today I’ll share how you can work together to save for and reach your biggest dreams! Marriage & Money: How to Save Together One of the things I love about our community is how you guys keep […]

20 Money Saving Tips for Summer

Looking to grow your bank accounts or pay down debt faster? Use these 20 money saving tips this summer to build wealth and still have fun!  Making the Most of Summer (While Saving!) It might be unofficial but I’m going to take it. Summer is here and I am so ready for it! With longer […]

The Couple Money Guide to Starting Your Emergency Fund

There are plenty of Americans who don’t have any savings (one estimate puts it around 26%). That’s a scary situation to be in, even with dual income. What if you get laid off from your job (or if they reduce your pay/hours)? What if someone gets injured? A car repair can sometimes be a big wallop too. […]