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It's the first week in November, so it's time to check in on the Fiverr’s Side Hustle Challenge!

When I started the challenge, I mentioned I was creating gigs along with other personal finance bloggers as a team to compete against lifestyle bloggers.

Each of us will be building a side business for the next 60 days and tracking our progress.

We’re seeing who can earn the most money in that time frame. I started off with two gigs:

No Automatic Wins with Side Hustles

While I've had some interest, I'm not getting the income I'd like.

Side hustles are just that – hustles. Work doesn't automatically come it, I've had to promote my gigs.

Halfway through, I realize I need to spread the word out even more if I want to get this moving and win the challenge.

Expanding and Promoting My Side Hustles

New Gig: Podcast Consultation

I decided to add another gig to the mix. With limited time, I wanted to keep things in the area of my expertise and passion so I can offer great service without disrupting my workflow.

If you are launching a podcast or have launched and need to grow the community, I'm offering a consultation for $5.

Yeah, only $5! (May even be free, check below for a coupon code)

Highlighting My Fiverr Gigs with Video

So my goal by Friday is to add videos to all of the gigs so potential clients can get a clearer idea of what I can offer.

Video is not an automatic win. A poorly planned and produced video cane hurt you more than no video.

To make sure I put my best face forward, I've:

  • written scripts – yes, I know they are only about 30 second, but I want to make sure clients know the gig and me. I've got about 30 seconds to do that, so I can't waste time.
  • planned the location/make-up/outfit – I'll be recording at my home office, but I'm rearranging things a bit to make sure I have good lighting. I also want to present myself professionally. No need to go full business, but I do project confidence.
  • storyboarded it – Might seem like overkill, but it's just organizing how I want the video to look to minimize shooting and editing time.

You might think I have a ton of camera equipment and video editing tools, but I don't. I'm using my Moto X to record and Photoshop to edit the video.

Once those are up, I'll post links up here.

Free Fiverr Gig

Curious about Fiverr? I got a deal that might make it sweeter for you.

Go ahead and try out Fiverr and use COUPLEMONEY2015 along with my username Ellecm. This voucher and get you a free gig (up to $5)! (You must be a first time user and you can only use one coupon.)

Thoughts on Side Hustles

I'd love to hear from you about your ventures. How many of you are working on the side to get some extra cash? What are your goals for that money?

What are you doing to promote your business?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by in cooperation with Kasai Media. While I have been compensated for participating in this challenge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Thanks. I’ve been considering Fiverr for awhile and have yet to do anything. I think I need to really consider where I would want to focus. There are a lot of opportunities, but I think that you have to make sure that wherever you go is somewhere that you can really stand out, which will greatly increase your odds of success.

    • Yeah, it is a HUGE marketplace. Since I have a business and have two little ones to watch over I limited my gigs to tasks I can provide real value without taking a up a lot of my time. I want to do more, but realistically podcasting is something I can work into my schedule. I read fast turnaround is important with Fiverr clients, so that was a deciding factor.