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One move that has had a huge impact on our finances is automating our money.

We've found it an easy way to take care of our bills, save money, and invest while we focus on what's important to us.

How Automating Your Money Helps

I don't know how it is with you, there have been times where we've had to deal with several things at once.

We have a few of our friends and family dealing with health issues right now. We want to be there for them as much as possible. With our attention on them, our finances fall into the background.

With our attention on them, our finances fall into the background. That's when we truly appreciate the benefits of automation.

Most banks and credit unions offer free bill pay, it's a smart option that can save you time and money. Of course, there are limits to automating your money.

Staying on Top of Your Finances
Busy taking care of family? Learn how automating your money can help you build wealth faster!

Even with automation, we still keep tabs on our money regularly. Sometimes bills go up (in which case it's time to negotiate), your portfolio needs to be rebalanced, or your goals have changed.

Having a set time to review things together can do wonders, not only with staying with our budget, but making sure we're on the same page.

Debitize and Couple Money

The other week, I had a wonderful conversation with Debitize’s co-founder Liran Amrany. Debitize is a personal financial app that automates payments so you can make purchases on your credit card to get rewards without getting into debt.

They also have a beta feature if you're looking to dig out of debt as well.

Besides chatting about credit cards, we also discussed the pros and cons of automating finances.

You can see Liran's answer here or catch the whole series on our YouTube channel.

Debitize Bonus for Couple Money Readers

Want a little boost in paying off your credit cards? Debitize is offering a special bonus for the Couple Money community!

Try them out and get $10 towards your next credit card payment!

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