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Four Cases You Shouldn’t File an Auto Claim In

Note: Check your insurance policy to make sure you’re following the contract. For some insurers, you’re required to report any ‘event’, but may not have to file a claim.  When you think about any sort of situation where you’re involved in an auto incident, then your first instinct is to get the insurance companies involved. If […]

The Small Auto Insurance Details (That Save You Big Money!)

When shopping for a deal with their auto insurance, consumers often find that not all discounts are created equal. Certain discounts that you may have taken advantage of years ago might not be built into current policies. Thus, it’s best to read the fine print, and even get insurance agents on the phone to answer […]

Five Tips to Saving More Money on Car Insurance

Shopping around for a better car insurance deal can save you a ton of money, but it’s not the only way. Even when you’re happy with your current insurance company there five ways you can lower your premiums. Ask About Discounts on Your Policy Call up your current provider to make sure you’re not skipping out on […]

Finding the Best Insurance Rates as a Couple

Are you two looking to save on your current bills? One area that you may be able to get some significant savings is by comparing insurance quotes. Thanks to the web, it can be done quickly and easily, but before you should have a game plan to maximize your results and find the best insurance […]

Insurance and Family Changes

Insurance is a given for most people. There’s insurance for our home, cars, health and life among other types. Some need to be adjusted based on changes in your personal status. We’ll take a look at when that typically occurs. Adulthood You know you’re an adult when you have to start buying your own insurance […]

Go Insurance Rates Review

You may have noticed a new partner on my site – Go Insurance Rates. I wanted to take some time and explain why I signed up with them and how their service can really help you save a lot of money on auto insurance. Go Insurance Rates – Shop Around From Home If you’re looking […]