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Paying Off $100k of Debt without Feeling Deprived

When you’re dealing with six figures of debt, paying it off, not only seems like an impossible task, but one of deprivation. Today we’re going to hear from one family on how they became debt-free while still enjoying life. Dumping $100,000 of Debt as a Family Getting rid of debt takes effort. When you’re talking […]

How to Get Out of Debt This Year as a Couple

One of the top three financial goals people have is getting out of debt, but few actually knock it out. Today we’re diving into key money systems couples have used to become debt-free! Best Strategies for Couples to Dump Debt Faster How are you doing?! I hope you’re having a wonderful week. We’re back. New […]

Pay off Debts or Build an Emergency Fund First?

Two common goals for couples are paying off their debts and having a financial cushion. Sometimes, though, it can be frustrating because you don’t know which do first. You may want to have some savings stashed away for emergencies while your spouse wants to tackle your debts. How do you find a system that works for […]

Busting Money Myths and Building Smarter Money Habits with Anthony O’Neal

Can you have nice things when you’re paying off debt? What millionaire habits can you pick up today? Can you be generous and rich? Personal finance author and millennial money expert Anthony O’Neal shares his tips and thoughts! Mastering Your Money Habits Many times we mismanage our money because we’ve developed ideas and habits that […]

Best Strategies to Get Out of Debt Faster

Tired of seeing your balance go down so slowly on your credit cards and loans? Learn how you can pay off your debts faster!  Best Strategies to Pay Off your Debt Faster As I started the Pay off Your Debt Faster series last week with learning how deep your debt is. Hopefully you two have […]

Love Your Life, Not Theirs with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze discusses her new book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want.  She also shares her thoughts on being content in the social media age, lessons she had growing up and what she wants to pass on, and how a budget can give you freedom! The Comparison Game: […]

Paying Off Debts – Before or After Saving?

How do you know whether you should have some money saved up before you pay off debts? If you do save first, how much is enough? The answer can be difficult to decide because each one of us has different financial circumstances. Besides the numbers, the two of you may have different ideas on how […]