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Not Panicking When the Stock Market Falls

Want an easy way to reduce your stress levels without having to lift a finger? Avoid checking your 401(k) balance right now. Seriously, have you looked at it? If so, then your stomach may be following the roller-coaster pattern on the graph below. Stressing Out and Panicking Over Your Investments You or your spouse may […]

Master Your 401(k): How Much Do We Need to Contribute?

Want to maximize your 401(k) this year? Learn how you two can quickly and easily figure out how much you need to invest for your 401(k) contributions!  This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure for more info.  This month we’ve been cleaning our (financial) house as we prepare for this next […]

Finding an Investment Strategy That Works for Us

Every so often it pays to go ahead and review your portfolio. With 2014 over, I spent this week checking up on things to make sure we’re staying on course with our investments. Since I’m looking at our accounts, I thought it might be helpful to explain our process and strategy. Index or Actively Managed […]

How to Start Investing (with $1,000 or Less)

Retirement planning is usually not a priority many young couples. As you’re both becoming established in your careers you have several monthly bills that you have to tend to. They usually include: Rent/Mortgage Monthly bills (utilities, insurance, etc.) Car payments Student loans For some couples, there isn’t any money left once they’ve taken care of […]