tax refund Plans

Dealing with a Letter From the IRS

My husband and I filed our taxes last month. We were excited to see that by itemizing our deductions we were going to get a decent sized refund (less than $3,000). A couple of weeks letter instead of receiving a direct deposit into our bank account, we got a letter from the IRS. It said […]

Tax Return Plans: New Polling Data From

Over the past two weeks, has been getting featured on NBC local news affiliates across the country as a great place to put your tax rebate dollars. That got us thinking – what do people normally do with their tax refund dollars?  So we put a poll in the field. POLL QUESTION: What will […]

Our Tax Refund is Delayed

We’ve been expecting a direct deposit on our tax refund for the past week. Since we’re taking the home buyer’s tax credit, we’ve been eagerly checking our account for the direct deposit. This isn’t the first time we’ve had a tax refund not come in as planned. Types of Notices and Letters Sent by IRS The good […]

How We’re Spending Our Tax Refund

I mentioned earlier some ideas for tax refunds that we’ve used to improve our finances. What’s our plan for our tax refund this year? We just have two goals this year: pay down the mortgage and paying cash for some small house projects. Tax Refund Goal #1: Pay Down the Mortgage Our main goal this […]