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Simple Banking and Humble Bundles

It’s Friday! Before I check out for the weekend I want to share what’s been going on this past including an awesome deal on games and a checking account designed to help you save more money. Humble Bundles – Fun Games, Great Causes Humble Bundle raises money for great causes by offering deals on electronic […]

Saving Money on Video Games

Last night after having a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, my husband and I decided to stop by Game Stop. We decided to pick up Arkham City. How We Buy Our Video Games We both enjoy playing video games and it was a title we were looking forward to for this year. […]

What We Spend Money On: Rock Band 3

I think it’s interesting to see how other people spend on things they enjoy. I share some of our discretionary expenses from time to time. After doing last month’s net worth review I thought it would be great to review Rock Band 3, both the game and the costs. Sneak Peak at E3 When we messed around […]

What We Spend Money On: Video Games

I was messing around Bundle for a post idea and I got distracted by checking out the charts on how other couples spend their money in Raleigh. It kind of inspired me for a post here on Couple Money. I was thinking I could share some of our discretionary expenses from time to time. It would be […]