Why Is My Bank’s Bill Pay So Slow?

I was in the middle of my new juggling act, balancing my baby girl with working from home when my cell went off. I saw that it was a 800 number and since I was busy, I just let it go to voice mail while I finished up with an assignment. Phone Call I Didn’t Want to […]

Capital One Buying ING Direct

Like many personal finance bloggers out there, I heard about the news about Capital One and ING Direct and was concerned about how it would work. I followed updates on the news to see if I could get a clearer idea of what was going on. Any Changes for ING Direct Customers? What will this […]

Stay on Top of Your Bank Statements

As you recall, I had mention in last month’s net worth review that we received our tax refund finally, but it wasn’t deposited yet.  Long story short, we didn’t deposit it correctly and the check had to be shipped back to us. It’s been a long time, but we finally have it in. Check Your Bank […]

Money Leaks: ATM Fees

Every week I check the weekly summary from Mint to check on our spending. I’m looking for any money leaks I can find so I can fix them. Something that was a concern of mine years ago was bank fees, especially ones from the ATM.  ATM fees can be an unexpectingly big expense when left unchecked. […]

Beware of Census Phishing Scams

Turbo Tax’s blog posted my thoughts on the Dirty Dozen tax scams yesterday. Make sure if someone else does your taxes that you review it with them. I mentioned that the IRS reports phishing scams is on their top list, but it’s not only for taxes. With the 2010 Census operations going on, you have […]