Get More for Your Hard Earned Money: Use High Yield Savings and CDs

One of our goals this year is to contribute regularly to our savings account to bring it up to previous levels we’ve had as we’ve dipped into ours this past year to buy the family car, pay for some medical bills, and cover the recent trip we took. We’ll be automating our deposits to keep […]

Counting Your Pennies Can Add up to Cash

Last week I mentioned that my husband had some reward points to redeem with Wells Fargo, which is basically bonus money. Now I wanted to mention another way you can convert what you have around the house and in your car for building your savings – coin counting. Yep, the coin jar you may have […]

Wells Fargo Debit Rewards – Redeem Before They Expire

We almost missed out on some ‘free’ money. Usually as we sort through the mail we ignore junk mail and skim over letters that look like automated credit card, bonus insurance, or financial offers from our bank. Before throwing away one I letter I checked it out to see what the offer it was sharing. […]

Looking to Save More and Give More? Check Out ableBanking

A couple of weeks ago I heard from Kelly at The Centsible Life about a new online banking option for savers. Besides the usually higher rates than the local brick and mortar branch being mentioned, I also noticed that it offered a bonus to customers’ charities.  Up until this week, you needed an invite code to […]

Automating Bill Pay – The Pros and the Cons

Using bill pay has been incredibly convenient for us. Whether we’re on vacation or in the middle of a hectic work cycle, we know that the mortgage, utilities and debt snowballs are being sent. I can’t remember the last late bill fee we’ve had since we started sending our bill payments online. Most banks and credit unions offer this money and time-saving feature and […]

Tired of Your Big Bank? Make the Jump

This is a money saving (and earning) tip for the 50/50 Challenge. Credit unions have seen a boost in new accounts (around 650,000 in about a month) recently and many are giving credit to the Bank Transfer Day movement. We didn’t participate because right now we’re really happy with where our money is deposited for our […]