Cars and Road Trips

Road Trip Ideas to Maximize Fun (and Not Break Your Budget)

Summer is quickly approaching and for some couples and families it’s vacation season. Flying to your destination may not be feasible, but that doesn’t mean that a long and hectic road trip is on your agenda. Driving may be a great way to enjoy your vacation – as long as you’re prepared. Deciding on the […]

The Small Auto Insurance Details (That Save You Big Money!)

When shopping for a deal with their auto insurance, consumers often find that not all discounts are created equal. Certain discounts that you may have taken advantage of years ago might not be built into current policies. Thus, it’s best to read the fine print, and even get insurance agents on the phone to answer […]

Finding the Best Deals with Rental Cars

What a fantastic weekend! We just got back from attending my cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and celebration. So happy we went. Getting a Deal with Our Car Rental After running the numbers for plane tickets and taxi fares for six people (my mom and sister came too), renting a car made the […]

How to Buy a Reliable Used Car with Cash

Looking to buy a car, but short on cash? Learn our tips and tricks to snage a great deal on a reliable car and avoid a lemon! You may have noticed that things have been just a bit quiet here recently. Life has been keeping us busy as we’ve have been in car hunt mode. […]

We Sold the VW Jetta!

Great news – we finally sold our Jetta through Craigslist! We bought a family car last year and we’ve been debating since then over which car to sell. My husband is too attached to his car, so the Jetta was chosen. Selling Our Car on Craigslist Before we put up the ad on Craigslist, we did some […]

What Would You Do If You Had No Car Payments?

Looking at your monthly budget right now, what would you do if you had no more car loans? For some couples that extra money could be used to pay down other debts or it could help fund a house down payment. When we first married we had a car loan and I remember looking at the monthly […]

Fuel Tips from a Fuelly Driver

In May I ran a few Fuel King/Queen Challenge to encourage myself and others to improve their gas mileage. (Congrats to Martilyo from The Angry Millionaire for winning in 2 categories!) While doing the challenge I followed Fuelly drivers who got great mileage from their Honda Accords, which is the car I’m driving. I contacted one of those drivers, David, to […]

Money Saving Car Tips: Tire Care

While going for a bank deposit Monday, I got a flat tire. I spent yesterday getting quotes for tire replacement and found that a shop we’ve taken our car to before offered a solid deal. I took it in and replaced 2 tires. Included with my receipt and warranty paperwork was a maintenance and safety manual. Why Your Tire Matters […]