Cars and Road Trips

May Fuel Challenge Check-In #4

This is the last week of the May Fuel Challenge! Instead of going on a road trip this weekend, we’re having a staycation and having family and friends visit us. It’ll save on gas of course, but it also gives us a chance to unwind. I’m hoping to take our baby girl to the pool in a bit and get […]

May Fuel Challenge Check-In #3

May is rushing buy and it’s already time to do another progress update on the May King/Queen Fuel Challenge. As the contest winds down, don’t quit if you’re having a hard time meeting your goals. There are plenty of opportunities to win. If you have a hybrid – please speak up! I haven’t heard from any hybrid […]

May Fuel Challenge Check-In #2

It’s another Monday, so it’s time for me to check in with my own progress with the Fuel King/Queen Challenge. I had a fuel up this week and it wasn’t pretty – I got 22.8 miles per gallon this tank. Ouch! I have got to get back to getting 28-30 miles per gallon. I’ve been doing […]

May Fuel Challenge Check-In #1

It’s Monday, so it’s time for me to check in with my own progress with the Fuel King/Queen Challenge. I started this Challenge as a way to save some money to pay off the student loan faster. Now, in just a few days of taking the challenge I’m embracing the friendly competitiveness of it. Please remember to leave your progress in the comments below […]

May’s Fuel King/Queen Challenge

I’m launching a Fuel King/Queen Challenge here on Couple Money and My Financial Reviews this month! With summer approaching, I thought it would be nice to have a month long challenge to encourage one another to save money in a big way. I also thought it would be nice to have a challenge that could help others save […]

Rebuilding the Car Fund

Now that we bought our family car, it’s time to decide the next step with the remaining cars. We love them both, but we can only keep one. Which one will we sell? How will we rebuild the car fund? Which Car Will We Sell? Since we bought our car through Craigslist, we didn’t trade in […]

Buying a Car Off Of Craigslist

We bought our family sedan, a Honda Accord, earlier this week. We love it! I want to cover the process of buying a car from a private seller in North Carolina. Hopefully, it’ll help those looking at finding a deal on a car on Craigslist. Finding Out What North Carolina DMV Needed Once the offer […]