Cars and Road Trips

Looking at the Total Costs of Ownership with the Cars

This week we’re test driving some cars we’re interested in. We’re looking at cars from private sellers and we’re considering cars from dealerships. I didn’t realize it until we were car shopping, but it’s hard to get an idea on how much a car is being sold on the TV ads. I naively thought, I […]

How to Buy a Car off Craigslist

We’re on the hunt for a new (to us) car. Besides looking at dealerships, we’re also considering another source – Craigslist. Looking at Cars on Craigslist We’re looking at both ads from dealers and private sellers to make sure we’re not missing any deals. I expect ads to vary in quality when car hunting. Some […]

More Tips To Save on Gas Money

Wednesday I shared some changes we made to our driving habits to save on gas money. I asked for tips and you guys delivered! Thank you for sharing; I think we can all benefit from one another, especially in this economy. I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips. Mental Hack to Improve […]

Fighting Gas Prices By Being Smarter with Our Driving

The price of gas is going up again. Right now the price of gasoline in my neighborhood here in Raleigh, NC is about $2.79/gallon for regular. Not as bad as it was back in 2012 (think it was almost $4/gal then!), but still moving up from where it has been. Summer is approaching and with it a […]

Best Reliable Used Cars for Families

Well, at least some good came out of the refinance that didn’t happen. The money we were going to use for closing can now be allocated towards the car replacement fund. That means we’re starting to hunt for our next family car. I was expecting to shop for a vehicle sometime this summer, but we may […]

Always Get a Second Opinion

For those who have been curious about our car drama, I’m happy to report we got an update to share. If you remember from my original post, my husband took his car in to get the air conditioning fixed. With the heatwave it became even more important to get this done. However, we were blown away by […]

Agreeing to Disagree: Toyota Celica Update

I mentioned earlier this week that we’re having some big repairs for the Toyota if we want to keep it. It looks like we’d be shelling out thousands of dollars. I wrote how I wanted to get a second opinion before making a decision on whether to repair or replace the Toyota. So did we get one? Nope. Different Ideas on […]