Real Estate

Real estate investing can be a way to build up a passive income, but is it the right move for you? Learn about some of the different options you have and what you need to discuss before jumping in!

Why You Need a House Fund

Are the costs of owning a home breaking your budget? Learn how you quickly and easily start a house fund! Buying a house is typically one of the most expensive purchases we ever make. Right now the median price for a home sold in the United States is $226,300. If you live in cities like […]

Buying a House? Get a Home Inspection

One of the best things you can do for yourselves when buying a home is getting a top-notch home inspector. While a great real estate agent can help you find a beautiful home, a great inspector can give you some peace of mind with making sure the house is ready to be a home for […]

How to Determine If It’s Better to Rent or Buy a Place

Most renters dream of transitioning from renting to owning homes. For some, it is more financially responsible to buy a place of their own. While leasing an apartment is cheaper in the short term, buying a home is most likely the largest investment and asset a person ever owns. Renting vs Buying a Home The tricky part is […]

How to Rethink Real Estate as an Investment to Build Wealth

Think your home is an investment? For most people, it’s not.  Learn how to rethink real estate so you can build your wealth and become financially independent! Is Your House Really an Investment? Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase we make. Right now in the United States, the median price of homes that sold is […]

Are You Ready to Buy a House?

Are you house hunting or about to start? Today I’ll share four crucial steps you need to take to not only be ready to buy a house but still have money leftover to enjoy it!  Saving for a House? Here’s How You Need to Financially Prep For many couples, buying a home is a huge milestone. It’s probably […]

How Joining Our Finances Helped Us Buy an Awesome House

Early in my career, I remember sitting down with my dad and asking him how I could ever afford to buy a house as nice as the one I grew up in. My parents have lived in the same home for more than twenty years, and homes in the Denver suburb have skyrocketed in that […]