reward credit cards

With summer vacation coming up, it’s good to prepare yourself for possible emergencies. Learn what you need to do if you lose your credit card on your trip. Lost Credit Card On a recent trip I was picking up the restaurant tab and realized there was an empty spot in my wallet where my preferred […]

We almost missed out on some ‘free’ money. Usually as we sort through the mail we ignore junk mail and skim over letters that look like automated credit card, bonus insurance, or financial offers from our bank. Before throwing away one I letter I checked it out to see what the offer it was sharing. […]

Not sure if you shop at the mall, but I know many times when I’m picking up something, the cashier always asks me if I want to open an account to save 10% or so on my purchase. My policy is to decline the offer. Signing up for new accounts without looking at the details […]