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Happy to have knocked out a big task – we filed out taxes!

It's one of those items on our to-do list that we weren't exactly excited about, but we're relieved that it's done.

We used TurboTax again since it's made filing a lot less stressful and more organized for us.

Going through it section by section with TurboTax, we were able to claim some deductions and credits and it looks like we'll be getting a refund!

Tax Review with TurboTax

As we're waiting for the tax refund, I decided to review again the packet we got from TurboTax.

In addition to our 1040, worksheets, and our NC state forms, we also have the bonus of a report comparing our taxes in 2011 to our taxes done in 2010.

Curious to see how we did with taxes?

Here are some of the numbers along with my thoughts.

Examining Our Income

When it came to income we had a very small bump last year (a bit over 1%). It makes sense – my husband received a raise, but I had significantly cut back on work for a couple of months during my last trimester and the first month after our daughter was born.

The good news was that my income didn't really change that much compared to 2010; working about 9 months and making the same amount as I did in a full year is encouraging.

I'm happy because I expect my income to increase this year as I'm working more and I've streamlined some of my work.

For my husband, while his wages increased, so did our health insurance premiums with the addition of our daughter into the plan.

It's pretty much a wash. Hopefully, this year will be a good year for him and he'll get another raise.

If you've been following along with our monthly net worth reviews, you noticed that our savings have grown quite a bit.  

Most of it was due to maintaining our automatic system with bills, transfers, and small windfalls.

Itemizing Our Deductions

We came out ahead this past year with our deductions. Some deductions, like the interest paid on our mortgage, went down significantly (24% drop!) and I'm happy. 

Taking the mortgage interest deduction while paying down your mortgage makes sense. Delay paying off your mortgage just for the mortgage interest deduction does not.

Think of it this way-> Are you willing to spend a dollar (to the lender) just to get a quarter back (from the government)? If so, please send me a dollar and I will gladly send you a quarter.

Looking over the report, I also realized we need to keep better records of our charitable donations.

We didn't report everything because I couldn't find the receipts. With all the tax deductions and credits we used, we managed to lower our taxable income and decreased our tax due by 16%.

Your Thoughts on Your Taxes

I'd like to hear from you about your taxes. How did this year's tax return compare to last? What goals do you have for next year?

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  1. It must feel great to get them out of the way already =) We’re still waiting for some statements to arrive – but we’re rearing to go! Unfortunately we’ll owe a fair bit this year.

  2. I had a lot better tax year than last year – I got 125 back this year, and owed 1k last year., NOt much, but nice surprise for me.