How to Talk to Your Spouse About Money

Need to talk about money, but worried about starting a fight? Carl Richards and I share easy ice breakers and conversation starters to help and your spouse get on the same page with money! How to Talk About Money (without Starting a Fight) While it makes for good TV drama, finding out your spouse has […]

How to Achieve Financial Independence Through Big Wins

Looking for financial independence and early retirement? Justin shares how he was able to retire at 33 and which expenses were the big wins.  I have a millionaire next door…okay, not next door, but really close. This week Justin from Root of Good came on the podcast to discuss how he was able to retire […]

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding Without Going Into Debt

Do you want your wedding day to be beautiful, memorable, and meaningful without spending a ton of money or getting into debt? Learn how you can plan your dream wedding on a budget!  How to Plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget Right now in the United States, the average wedding costs over $35,000! Thankfully […]

How to Overcome Financial Infidelity

Want to avoid the stress and mess of merging finances? Learn how Tai and Talaat overcame financial infidelity and opposing money styles to become debt free!  Marriage and Financial Infidelity Financial infidelity can be devastating to your relationship and money. A recent survey found that 6% of Americans keep a secret bank account or credit card from their spouse. […]

How to Protect Your Loved Ones from Elder Financial Abuse

Learn how you can protect your loved ones financial abuse and how to minimize the damage if it happens! Elder Financial Abuse on the Rise A few years ago, my husband’s nana had sent over money to a scammer pretending to him. She had thought he needed help and so she generously sent it in. […]

How to Avoid Being Hacked with Better Password Practices

Want to protect your accounts and finances online? Here are the key password practices to keep your accounts secure and minimize your chances of being hacked!  Having my email account hacked recently brought to light a bigger problem.  My password practices were not up to snuff despite using a password manager.  I’ve been cleaning up […]

Tips on How to Save Money While Moving to a New House

Moving to a new house is something that can be looked into in many different ways. If you’ve spent all your spendings on the house of your dreams, you won’t probably even read this article seeking for advice on how to save a buck while moving family to a new house. However, if you’re blessed […]

Finding Your Own Path to Financial Success

Have you ever been frustrated with how long it was going to take to get out of debt? Learn how to handle setbacks, define your family’s path, and knock out your goals together!  Defining Your Family’s Financial Success Do you ever feel frustrated with how things are going? You read these awesome stories like This Couple Paid […]