Financial Steps to Take If You Have a Child with Special Needs

Are you a parent of a child with special needs? We share some of the essential conversations and resources that help you cope and succeed!  Taking Financial Care of Your Child with Special Needs Being a parent is an incredible gift and responsibility. Even though the most important things in life are free, I think we […]

How Your Money Mindset Can Help You Build Wealth

Tried different budget systems, but can’t seem to get them to work? Jen Hemphill, Her Money Matters author, shares how changing your mindset can help you build wealth!  Understanding Money Mindsets with Jen Hemphill Really excited about today – my buddy and accredited financial coach Jen Hemphill is chatting with me on how money is […]

Should We Loan Money to Family?

Are you two fighting over whether or not to lend money to family? Learn how you can help your loved ones out without messing up your money and marriage!  The Stress of Lending Money to Family Should you loan money to your family whether it’s yours or your in-laws? It can be a very tricky subject […]

Paying Cash for Everything – Even a House!

Our family looks like a typical Midwestern family. We’re raising two small kids – ages four and one – in a nice suburban house with a big yard. No dogs, but you get the idea. What’s unusual about us is the absence of something that nearly every household holds: debt. We were able to pay […]

How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Money!

Are you fired up about dumping the debt and building wealth, but your spouse is reluctant? Find out how you can get your spouse on board with money (and more)! How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Money It’s 2018 for some reason that beginning of a new year, Everyone is excited and thrilled this […]

How to Figure Out The Right Allowance for Your Kids

  As parents, we want our kids to become responsible, happy, and giving adults. Part of that entails being smarter with their finances than we’ve been. We want them to understand the value of money and how it can help, but we don’t want it to be their focus. It can be tough to pass […]

Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

Want your big day to be memorable, but you’re limited on funds? Learn how you can plan your dream wedding (without breaking your budget)! Weddings are a celebration, but for some couples, it can be a financial burden. Did you know the average wedding in the United States costs over $35,000?! The good news is you […]

Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money Masterclass is Open

Have you had a hard time with finances this year? Have setback and unexpected emergencies thrown you off? I get it. This past year or so has been a rollercoaster for us too. We had a family friend lose their battle with cancer, my mom has had some health issues, our oldest started school, and I […]