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Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money is Out!

Today is the day! Jumpstart Your Marriage and Your Money is out and I want to say thank you so much. Honestly, I started Couple Money because we needed it. While there were some wonderful personal finance sites out there, I couldn’t find one that addressed the complexities, awkward conversations, and rewarding wins of being […]

How to Prepare Your Finances to Become a Stay at Home Parent

Want to become a stay at home parent? Here are 5 ways you can prepare your finances for your family’s new transition!  Working from home has been a blessing for us for many reasons, but being able to spend more time with our girls is the biggest one. Getting to this point, though, took some […]

Wealth Well Done: Merging Lives and Finances

While we’re happy with how we are managing money, I love hearing from other couples on how they handle their finances. It’s usually a little peek into how they communicate and work as a team. Each couple has their own dreams and goals for their money and marriage. Bill and Amanda were kind enough to share their […]

How to Adopt Financial Independence as a Couple

Working hard now so you can retire early, but your spouse isn’t on board? Learn how you can encourage financial independence as a couple! One of the things I have struggled the most over the years spent on the path to financial independence were social interactions. When I was living in Paris, my friends’ definition […]

10 Most Popular Episodes of the Couple Money Podcast

As I’m preparing to head over to San Diego to attend FINCON, I want to pause and celebrate the upcoming second anniversary of the podcast. After almost two years and over 150 episodes I’ve had so much fun learning from others how they’ve worked together to build up their wealth and marriage. Thank you so much […]

Cost Cutting Strategies for Newlyweds

Starting out is always difficult for young couples and newlyweds. Most often, younger adults haven’’t faced with the stress and strain of the increased burden of financial responsibility. Beginning a life together has its own set of difficulties and hurdles and often money only exacerbates the issue. Solving financial problems isn’’t going to make a […]

Paying Off Debts – Before or After Saving?

How do you know whether you should have some money saved up before you pay off debts? If you do save first, how much is enough? The answer can be difficult to decide because each one of us has different financial circumstances. Besides the numbers, the two of you may have different ideas on how […]

Does Your State Offer Benefits for Maternity Leave?

Does your state offer a benefits program for maternity leave? Do not make the very common mistake of assuming that it does. Workers in the USA are wrong far more often than they are right when they do. The sooner you understand your rights and benefits while one or both parents are not working, the […]