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After the year we had in 2020, I know many families – counting ourselves too- are reevaluating things, including finances. One lesson gleaned from the past year was making sure the budget was optimized so that whatever we were spending on was either essential or something we truly enjoyed. There really was no reason to […]

I’m a big fan of going for huge wins. Why? Because a busy work from home mom with two little ones, I don’t have time to nitpick over pennies. I don’t clip coupons. I find the two best grocery stores that have consistently great deals. And when I’m reviewing ourĀ bills I’m looking for ways we […]

Building up your financesĀ isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy in the beginning. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our money. Wealth Takes Work When you talk to those who have gotten out of deep debt or saved and invested for a dream, they’ll mention that they had to make changes. […]

Besides the family bills, I’m looking at trimming my business expenses. Last week I decided to lower my phone bill by switching to a cheaper plan with Republic Wireless. I had been using them while their service was in beta years ago and I’ve been happy with the service and coverage. However, I saw with […]

One of our goals for this year and next is to find money in our budget to pay down our student loan. This year has been great so far with our 2012 financial goals. They included: Get our finances prepare should something happen to us. Purchase a family car. Pay down the student loan. We’ve […]