Weekly Round Up

Financial Bloggers Conference – Join Us!

You may have noticed my badge on the right side about a Financial Bloggers conference. I signed up recently and I’m already excited about it. One of the things I enjoy is meeting up with some of my favorite bloggers and getting to know them and ask them about their sites. I’ve been to a couple of […]

We’re Having a Baby Girl!

Excited to Get the Baby News – It’s a Girl This week has been extremely busy for us. Earlier in the week we went to get our Level 2 ultrasound to check on the baby and find out if it was a boy or a girl. My husband thought it was girl and I was […]

Podcast Interview at Foreigner’s Finance

It’s a beautiful (but hot!) day and after hanging outside for a couple of hours, I’ve decided to just chill. I’ve got some blog-related stuff I need to catch up on today, so I’m excited to get them done. Podcast Interview with Foreigner’s Finance! I’m also excited about Foreigner’s Finance newest podcast; I did an […]