Weekly Round Up

The Settlers of Catan – Personal Finance and More

My husband and I enjoy playing video games. We’ve tried to manage our time and money spent on them and we’ve been pretty happy with what we have. I haven’t, however, mentioned that we also enjoy board and card games with friends. Both of us grew up in families that enjoy friendly competition. Recently we’ve gotten back […]

Financial Freedom is More Than the Numbers

Would you give up $4,000/month if it meant you had to change the way you work? Mr. Money Mustache did  it and not just theoretically. He was already making this money through a credit card affiliate program. Long story short, MMM was making some solid income with his blog, but after he was contacted to change […]

Completing a 5k Challenge

This weekend was a double whammy – I finished a 5k challenge with some tough obstacles plus  my friend came in town for a visit and support. One of my buddies found out about the challenge and we signed up as a group. While I upped my workouts a bit; I wasn’t as prepared as I […]

Opening a Business Savings Account

Last week that I had to get on the phone with my bank about my business account to get something straightened out. I was sent a payment from a client and was charged a fee (it was a small payment so the fee came out to be around 20%). I was able to get it […]

Financial Literacy Pledge at Go Banking Rates

I’ve joined with Go Banking Rates and other personal finance bloggers in promoting Financial Literacy this month and next. I’m a contributing blogger at Go Banking Rates. When one of the editors mentioned their campaign  I said yes. Basically, GBR along with finance bloggers are pledging to help educate people across the country about how they […]

Women’s Money Week

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be covering topics for Women’s Money Week. Women’s Money Week is about raising awareness for important money-related issues impacting women. There about 100 blogs that are participating, each sharing their own perspectives and ideas. I think this is a great opportunity to help one another. Women’s Money Week The schedule for topics covered this week is: […]

Small Start to Student Loan Project

As one of our goals for 2012, we’d like to pay down the student loan principal by at least $2,000 this year (in addition to our regular monthly payments). I’ll be using any after tax revenue generated from My Financial Reviews to reach this goal. About a month has passed by and I wanted to share our […]

TurboTax Giveaway – Winners Picked!

AND THE WINNERS ARE… I’m happy to announce that winners have been picked for the TurboTax giveaway!  Entry #53 Andrew Entry #6 –Mary H. Congrats you two! I hope Andrew and Mary H get their refunds quickly and use them wisely. My thanks go to TurboTax for providing the prizes.  We’ve used them and have never […]