Weekly Round Up

Need a Money Check Up? Try These Tools

Chances are you’re here because you care about your finances. This week I want to highlight some tools you can use to stay on top of your money. My Money Check Up First up is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s new tool, MyMoneyCheckUp. After answering some questions about your income and debts, it will then […]

Four Hour Chef – Worth It?

A couple of weeks ago, I received my copy of Tim Ferriss’ latest book, The 4-Hour Chef. Between my love for his previous books, the intriguing trailer, and an appreciation for Tim’s thorough research and experimentation, I pre-ordered a copy as soon as it became available. So does it live up to it’s hype? Why I Bought 4 […]

Which Car to Sell: Celica or Jetta?

All is quiet on the Couple Money front this week. Good news is that we got the Celica back to shape again. The bad news? It cost us about $800 to get the fuel filter fixed and the catalytic converter replaced. Now that it is fixed my husband wants to keep it and sell the […]

Guess People Want Cheaper Smartphone Plans

Guess people are really curious about getting a $20 smart phone plan. Since I posted it earlier this week, I’ve been talking with friends, family, and readers about it. Since I’m know using 2 phones during this review period, people have asked me about the service. It seems like people would love to cut their […]

Looking at Adjusting Net Worth Reviews for 2013

Yeah, I realize it’s only the beginning of November, but I’m planning ahead for 2013 and beyond for Couple Money this weekend. One of the most popular series on the site is the monthly net worth reviews that we share. I think part of the appeal is the fun in seeing how other people’s money, […]

Congrats to Peter for Winning the Nexus 7!

After having a fun month with the Nexus 7 contest, it’s time to announce the winner – Peter! Thanks to everyone for taking the time, not only to enter the contest, but for also being a part of the community here on Couple Money. The plan for this 3rd year is to have more contests – a […]

I Heart Budgets

What does a personal finance blogger do on her downtime? Write up some budgets, of course! This week I was helping a friend update her budget as her income and expenses have changed drastically over the last year. Believe it or not, I enjoy setting a budget up – figuring ways not only to get […]

Counting Down to #FinCon12!

I’m so excited! It’s FinCon week and that means it’ll be an extremely busy week. I think getting ready for the conference will be just as busy as being there. We’re packing our gear Monday and cleaning up everything Tuesday so we can relax a bit when it’s time to hop on a plane and fly over […]