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How to Negotiate with Debt Collectors

Are you frustrated with your debt and feel like you’re stuck in this rut? Today we’re going to see how you can negotiate your debts to lessen the stress and get you closer to your debt free goals!  Dealing with Debt Collectors Paying off debt is usually one of the top three goals people make […]

Couple Money’s Top Posts and Shows of 2016

A special thanks to each of you; 2016 has been a special year for many reasons and having you on board has made it enjoyable! In case you’re a new reader, welcome! If you’re a regular, I deeply appreciate your support. As a way to wind down this year, I wanted to share some popular posts […]

7 Romantic Frugal Date Ideas

It’s important to keep the romance in a relationship and making time for dates is one way to do so. Sometimes people focus on extravagant dates that can be expensive. Date nights don’t have to be expensive. We regularly make time for each other without breaking the budget. Date Idea #1: Dinner In You might […]

Couple Money’s 5th Anniversary Giveaway

Running Couple Money has been a fantastic ride so far. In the past five years since I began this site, so much has happened both online and offline, including: had a baby (and expecting another one!) bought our first house paid off our car loan early paid for our last few cars with cash streamlined our retirement investing […]

10 Ways for Couples to Master Their Money

One of the most powerful tools you have to tackle and master your finances is not some fancy calculator or new app, but your spouse. You two are in this journey together and that means using this opportunity not just increase your net worth, but to actually becoming closer. 10 Ways to Build Your Wealth […]

Net Worth Review: May 2012

Here’s one way to start the week- doing a review of last months finances and our net worth. While it’s only a snapshot of our finances, doing the monthly reviews allows us to look back and see if there are any trends that we need to tweak and adjust or continue. Our Spending Habits in […]

If I Had A Million Dollars…

What would I do with a million dollar windfall?  While reviewing some blogs from the Yakezie network, I saw a question posed by Sandy from Yes I Am Cheap for a personal finance meme last week. I found this to be a fun exercise and conversation for my husband and I. It gave us an opportunity to define […]

Couple Money: Best of May 2011

Thanks everyone for a wonderful month in May! It’s been great (and busy), so I thought I would be nice to highlight some of my favorite things over the past month. Popular Posts on Couple Money Here are some of the popular and fun posts over the past month here.Thanks to everyone who took the […]