How to Connect and Develop Financial Intimacy in Your Marriage

Think you can avoid money fights by not talking about it? Learn and use these conversation starters to develop financial intimacy, get on the same page with money, and have an extraordinary marriage!  [smart_track_player url=”″ social_pinterest=”true” hashtag=”money, #podcast, #marriage ” ] Financial Intimacy and Marriage Normally people associate intimacy with physical or emotional, but a long-lasting […]

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat: Financial Freedom as a Team

Looking to get off the treadmill and finally dump your debt? Learn how you can set your money to win and reach your goals faster!  Have you ever been frustrated with your money? I know when we were first starting out, there were times where I felt like we knew where we wanted to go, but […]

How to Fight Debt and Depression as a Team

Debt can be an enormous burden for many couples. Learn how you two can work together and get the resources you need to deal with depression and debt.  [smart_track_player url=”″ ] Fighting Debt and Depression as a Couple This episode is part of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month blog and now podcast tour in partnership with […]

Finding the Best Money App and System as a Couple

Looking to stay on top of your money together without a complicated system? Learn how you can win with money and how HoneyFi can help you dump your debt and build wealth together! Finding Your Best Money System as a Couple Ramy Serageldin and Sam Shultz had different ways they were managing their money. You’ll […]

Finding the Best Side Hustle as a Married Entrepreneur

Millions of Americans want to start a business, but where do you begin? Entrepreneur and start up co-founder Will DeShazo shares how you can find the right gig along with balancing marriage and entrepreneurship! Becoming a Married Entrepreneur We’ve had a quite a few shows about being a happily married entrepreneur I’ve been sharing my ups and […]

How to Get Your Spending Under Control

Trying to reboot your finances and get some control over your spending? Here’s one simple and effective psychological hack that can help you save a ton of money this year!  [smart_track_player url=”″ background=”default” ] Rebooting Your Money & Stick with a Budget Since July is here, I think now’s a good time to do a […]

How To Retire Early – Without a Six-Figure Salary!

With some strategic money moves, Rob and his wife Sara will be retiring by 40. Find out which small changes have had the biggest impact and how you can use them to retire early! Money Hacks: Small Changes, Huge Impact Having high income can be a fantastic aid to speed things along towards early retirement, but […]

Dealing with a Mountain of Debt Together

Stressed over a huge amount of debt? Learn how you two can survive and thrive as you pay it off together!  Dealing with Debt Together Whenever I’m reading stories about marriage and money, things can easily become a caricature. I read about couples who’ve had their lives torpedoed after they said I do. On the […]